Las Rocas, Rosarito Mexico

Have you heard about weddings at Las Rocas Resort in Rosarito? I know, it is in Mexico, and from the way the news puts it, you're fortunate to make it out alive. My wife has lots of family and friends who live in Rosarito, and none of them have had problems like what you see on TV. As long as you are not a police officer or a drug dealer, you are quite safe on either side of the border.

That being said, if you want an oceanfront wedding, this IS the place to go. There is nothing that compares to it, NOTHING. Some of the unique aspects of a wedding at Las Rocas is their complete oceanfront ceremony, reception, and Mexican atmosphere. Have you ever heard of somebody having fireworks for a wedding? Yes, you can do that here. They have an incredible fireworks show they offer at a very reasonable price. I love taking video here. Willy Llamas who is the wedding coordinator from the hotel really knows what he is doing. To the right, you can watch some segments of weddings at this location.

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