Videography on a budget? How?

With the economy the way it is, everyone wants to keep their costs down. But how do you keep the price low, while still getting high quality video? There are several ways to save on wedding video, but choosing to hire the videographer with the cheapest price will likely leave you disappointed.

An economic alternative is to have your videographer of choice shoot raw footage only of your wedding day. This will help you afford to book a higher quality wedding videographer to get coverage of your event. Later on, you can have the same videographer edit your video, or simply have a computer savvy friend do the editing for you. It is much better to start with good video and worry about the editing later, than to have poor quality video that you kick yourself over.

Don't forget other options for discounts. Ask if you can burn your own DVD copies. You may save by going without a photo montage/slideshow intro. Lastly, you may like to have less coverage time; but I suggest getting raw footage only over this option because then you make sure the whole event is covered (sometimes the most interesting video is of the reception)

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